Alex Loubimenko


Alex Lioubimenko

Alexander Lioubimenko is an esteemed pianist whose artistry transcends boundaries. Renowned for his captivating performances, he has graced the stages of prestigious venues worldwide, from the iconic Montreal Jazz Festival to tours across Asia, dazzling audiences in China, Malaysia, and the Maldives.

Alexander’s musical journey has been rich with collaborations, including memorable performances alongside the legendary Boy George and the Culture Club, as well as the Pointer Sisters, showcasing his versatility and unique musical sensibilities.

A scholar of jazz, Alexander holds a bachelor’s degree in jazz performance from McGill University, where he honed his craft under the guidance of masterful mentors, notably Andre White, Taurey Butler, Jean-Michel Pilc, and Jeff Johnston. He furthered his musical education with a Master’s degree from UQAM, solidifying his place as a distinguished artist and a master of his craft.

In addition to his collaborative work, Alexander has led his own project, Algorhythm, a progressive rock group. Algorhythm has played at festivals in Victoriaville and Hudson, and the group has recorded an EP, further highlighting Alexander’s diverse talents and musical explorations.

With a blend of technical prowess, emotive depth, and a profound connection to his music, Alexander Lioubimenko continues to captivate and inspire audiences worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on the world of jazz and beyond.