Last month, The Directors Showband performed for cast and crew of “Barney’s Version (2010)“.

The wrap party took place at the Theatre Plaza on St.Hubert. For those of you who don’t know, Theatre Plaza hosts the francophone television variety show “Belle et Bum” every Saturday.

Below is shot of the band at sound check.

For those who haven’t heard the buzz on the street , The Directors Showband were cast in “Barney’s Version (2010)”, the upcoming feature production / adapated screenplay (written by Montrealer Michael Konvyes) of the novel written by Mordechai Richler.
An all-star cast! (For more on the Movie …see “Barney’s Version” The movie BLOG below……)

The wrap party is a time when cast and crew would celebrate their hard work by kicking back and finally enjoying the fruits of their labor .
Work hard, party harder !

Halfway through the late evening, Director, Richard J Lewis, stepped into the spotlight to give his heartfelt thanks to cast and crew for a job well done.
As if the party wasn’t already exciting enough, The Directors Showband along with cast and crew took it to the next level.

One big stage party !
“It was a great evening and everybody loved you guys. You are REALLY good . Nobody can resist your music. It felt so good to dance! Thanks again
Lyse, Equinoxe Productions

On that note, The Directors Showband would like to thank everyone associated to “Barney’s Version (2010)“. This experience for us has been extremely humbling and a true honor to have been part of something so amazing. From the recording, to the shoot to the wrap party ,we’re still pinching ourselves. It’s been more than a pleasure working with each and every person from production to crew to cast. There really is… no business, like show business.
We look forward to the release.

most sincerely,

The Directors Showband

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