Below are sample excerpts of  studio and live recordings performed by THE DIRECTORS.

This does not represent the band’s repertoire or full range of styles in its entirety. Keeping the show fresh is an important part of what they do while constantly updating the set list with new and classic music geared to all types of events. If you like what you hear, please contact THE DIRECTORS to view a LIVE performance.



The footage

Below are sample excerpts of film recordings.

Make no mistake, THE DIRECTORS are a LIVE band. Their live music experience and energy delivers well beyond what can be captured through the lens of a camera. With that said, these filmmakers below have certainly done their best to represent.
THE DIRECTORS continue to update the repertoire on a constant basis with new and classic music geared to all event types.

Click on the thumbnails below to see THE DIRECTORS in…. 3-2-1 Action !